A partnership between the Dioceses of Bethlehem (USA) and Kajo-Keji

The long-term relationship between the two Dioceses has flourished through mutual prayer, visitation, education and exchange of resources. The New Hope Campaign has supported the Diocese of Kajo-Keji by helping to build:

* A multi building college for seminarians, teachers & adult education including classrooms, dormitories, a library and dining hall.
* Five primary schools: with 200 – 400 students are evenly split between boys and girls.
* One High School supporting 4 grades includes a dormitory for those traveling long distances by foot.
* The Bishop’s residence and offices.

Other relationships include Parish to Parish, Episcopal Church Women to Mother’s Union and Bishop to Bishop and the Diocese of Bethlehem continues to support education through scholarships.

Contact person in Kajo-Keji: Stephen Tomor Kenyi

Website Diocese of Bethlehem: http://www.diobeth.org/ministries/diocese-of-kajo-keji/