The Genesis of Mission and outreach department in the Diocese of Kajo-Keji can be traced beyond the initial creation of the Diocese since people in Kajo-Keji have been reaching out with the gospel before the creation of this Diocese. However, through your marvelous help and support, Mission department is in its stage of regaining its activities and moving towards taking its position of being the core in the mission of God.

This is happening through its penetration into all DKK Development, Financial and Spiritual programs and activities within the departments, this we know through monitoring and evaluation of the Diocesan activities for the last years.

The developments we are talking about have been gradually realized within the following Mission and outreach Department’s/ units:

  • Prayers and Intercessors’ ministry.  Read More
  • Mother’s Union
  • Youth and Children Ministry.
  • Father’s Union Fellowship.
  • Regional Revival movement.
  • Discipleship ministry.
  • Radio ministry.