Missionaries 1927-1946
The first missionary that came to Kajo-Keji was Archdeacon Gibson as a result of an invitation from Busu who was one of the chiefs of the area. He requested the District Commissioner of Yei to send one missionary to Kajo-Keji to open schools there. Gibson came to Kajo-Keji in 1927.

In 1929, Rev. William Lee Giff was the first missionary posted to open up Kirila mission. He was accompanied by two Sudanese teachers, Paul Laka, a Nyamgwara by tribe and Paul Logale, a Bari fiom Juba, then followed by missionary Selwyn in 1931. Those who responded were Beniamin Gotomo Busu, Yoane Mogga Miji, Jebedayo Wunji, Anderea Wani Sekwat, Yoane Ka’de Soma, Petero Sekwat, Jeremia Bori, Tadayo Wani Jengwat. At the end of 1931, Selwyn left for home, as he was sick.

Frederick James Finch was the third missionary who came in 1932. Rev. Finch trained the first Kuku students who became teachers. These were Elia Mononyi Mulukwat, Lazaro Tongu Kajonyiri, Yosepa Kiri Abe, Solomona Kenyi Monojasuk, Daudi Lodiong etc. The last missionary was William Desmond Kerr who came from 1938-1946. These teachers had become lay-readers; Lazaro Tongu Kajonyiri, Yosepa Kiri Abe, Soiomona Monojasuk; Yoane Ka’de Soma. Rev. Kerr developed Romogi mission and the CMS work expanded rapidly and village Churches were opened in Mosiko, Kinyiba, Kudaji, Munuje (Pamoju), Lire, Godoru, Rodo, Leikor, Liwolo, Loggu, Longira, Tuko (Kala).

The Diocese was formed in March 1986.

The diocese of Kajo-Keji has 8 archdeaconries and 58 parishes. Out of a population of about 197,000, over 75% are estimated to be ECS members (Source: Diocese Kajo-Keji, 2011).Sources:

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Compiled by Rev. Jacob Haasnoot, this is a work in progress