We will persevere

During his sabbatical in the UK early this year, Bishop Anthony was interviewed by CMS and they issued a press release regarding “a call for prayer for South Sudan and Sudan as agreement to resume oil production is finally reached”. Here is part of this interview (with permission of CMS).

"Having good relations between Sudan and South Sudan is crucial for both countries," said the Rt Rev Anthony Poggo on a visit to CMS. "As people who were once one country, we must be good neighbours." Bishop Poggo renewed calls for prayer for South Sudan and Sudan, including for the implementation of the agreement on oil production.

The bishop asked people to persevere in prayer, just as the Sudanese people persevered through the war years and still do now, despite facing so many difficulties. The international community still had a role to maintain pressure on both countries to solve these areas of dispute and conflict, said the bishop. "The important thing is that people are willing to persevere. They have in the past and are willing to persevere for a little longer."

Prayer points

  • Pray for us to persevere and be patient as we wait on the changes that have to happen in our nation. People have at times been disappointed and discouraged as they had hoped to receive the dividends of peace and the new nation. 
  • That church would remain faithful to its calling and the needed resources would become available for all that we need to undertake.